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Juliana Fernandes, Portugal

"The yoga and meditation classes with Maya are wonderful! It is the strength I need in my week. Maya is attentive, dedicated and is always with me to ensure that classes fit in with my needs and my lifestyle. You can feel all the affection with which she prepares the classes and all the love she feels for the practice. I no longer know how to be without it! ♥"

Frederico Carita, Portugal

"I have had yoga classes with the best teacher this year! Maya has a relaxing tone of voice, especially when saying expressions such as 'close your eyes' and 'relax your shoulders'. I always feel lighter and more relaxed after each class."

Sandra Villar, Spain

Great yoga class. The location was in the park by the sea. We ended up the class with a walk to the beach to see the waves. I recommend it 100%, I loved it!
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