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What the students think about my classes:

"The yoga and meditation classes with Maya are wonderful! It is the strength I need in my week. Maya is attentive, dedicated and is always with me to ensure that classes fit in with my needs and my lifestyle. You can feel all the affection with which she prepares the classes and all the love she feels for the practice. I no longer know how to be without it! ♥"

~Juliana Fernandes

"I recently started yoga classes with Maya, it was an incredible experience, something that helped me a lot on the mental, spiritual and physical side."

~Luana Antunes

"I loved it! Maya is wonderful, and the class was magical, I felt great energy and I was very relaxed at the end of the class. And then the walk was beautiful and fun! It was a fantastic day. :)"

~ Silvia Mesquita

"The yoga class at the park was perfect for beginners. The Instructions were clear with some easy to flow asanas. She has a beautiful voice to sing mantras :). I loved the Yogic Walking!"

~ Kairit Kobin

"Excellent class with a grade 10 teacher who gave all the support and attention to make us feel as comfortable as possible.

I recommend it to everyone, it is worth the experience!"

~ Bernardo Hernandez

"Online Yoga Class with the best teacher this year! Relaxing tone of voice (especially in the expressions" close your eyes "and" relax your shoulder "). After class I feel lighter and more relaxed!."

~ Frederico Carita

"I took a yin yoga class online. With 1 hour duration. I was agitated before and I felt calmer afterwards, I paid attention to the parts of my body that were tense and I managed to relax, empty my mind during the class, much of it in silence. The teacher Maya has a soft voice and speaks in a pleasant tone. She gave me peace of mind. I Really enjoyed it."

~ Jéssica Rafael da Silva

"Great yoga class, the location was in the park by the sea. We ended the activity with a walk to the beach to relax. I recommend 100%, I loved it!"

~ Sandra Villar

"I did Yoga Online with Maya, the Yin Yoga class and I only have compliments, explained each movement and conducted the class in a calm and professional manner. It was a great experience. I felt very good. Congratulations on your dedication and I hope to take more classes in soon. "

~ Andressa Zimnowlocki

"We went to Joaquim Egídio in an outside space and we practiced a very good breathing technique. At the end my breath was flowing a lot more! I recommend it! I also took a Online Yin Yoga Class with breathing techniques and postures for beginners, I really liked it!"

~ Vitor Cury

"Super energizing class with a lot of harmony between the people."

~ Thalita Rocha

Wonderful class, beautiful energy and super relaxing class!!! loved it!"

~ Tatiana Linhares Bresciani


Namastê! :)

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