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Welcome to the Yoga Om Maya project. I'm Mayara Antunes, but you can call me Maya. My yoga journey began in the vibrant landscapes of Australia in 2014, seeking spiritual growth, self-discovery, and a holistic approach to wellness. This path didn't just transform me; it inspired the creation of Yoga Om Maya, a project designed for those looking to enrich their lives through yoga and meditation.

Rooted in my adventures across continents—from the sun-kissed shores of Australia to the historic beauty of Portugal, my grandfather's homeland—Yoga Om Maya is more than just classes and events. It's a project dedicated to fostering well-being, balance, and happiness in every aspect of life. 

"The yoga and meditation classes with Maya are wonderful! It is the strength I need in my week. Maya is attentive, dedicated and is always with me to ensure that classes fit in with my needs and my lifestyle. You can feel all the affection with which she prepares the classes and all the love she feels for the practice. I no longer know how to be without it! ♥"

Juliana Fernandes, Portugal


Yoga Classes and Events 

Discover a variety of yoga and meditation classes, special corporate programs, and unique retreats and experiences aimed at fostering holistic wellness. 


Find peace in every read as I share practical advice for a balanced life.

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